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Friday, February 29, 2008

Get Compensate Legally

This was my first experience, after completion of my graduation I was in long drive to travel. In the way at the point of traffic signal, I stopped my car for green signal. But at the same time behind of my car another car pushed my car heavily. And thus it injured me as well as my car's body, light etc. also broken. My head was covered with blood. Getting out of my car I asked him what happened. Why his car clashed with my car? And what is his responsibility?

After then, they told that it was not their fault; it's mine without mentioning any reason. As they are local they are showing their power and finally they said if I go with this much more then they will treat me. I was helpless. What can I do in the middle of a road? Their car passed away.

To take some treatment I rushed to the doctor saving his car no in my mobile. I didn't get the car expenses not even a good speech. What a hell!

Later when I heard about "KeyPoint Legal Service", who are working for legal aid on behalf of the injured person for monetary or healthy reason.
I contact with them how they can help me with my problem. They listen all and note some points as well as took the car no which I saved in my mobile.
And then they said they will do the rest. After some days I got my compensation as well as the culprit also get treatment for that legally. This was very fast beyond my expectations.

They did well on Accident Claims because,

* Their specialist legal team provides honest, professional advice
* They will fight for justice and recover the compensation that is rightfully yours
* They act under a No Win No Fee agreement. If unsuccessful it costs you nothing
* They make everything as simple as possible for you

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