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Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Dream in artistic view

A dream concept applies as 2d characters animation in motion graphics technique

Destination Grand Air

Lights Destination love Grand Air there is only one step ... Marie Eug 'happen to such convince her husband to go to Guidel Beach with their domestic Easter holiday ... You will watch this new episode.

"The rehabilitation of Jimmy"

kayaking at Llyn Brianne reservoir, Extreme

That is so awesome. You don't get there for it its their own life if you wanna risk it doing extremes sports.

THESE daredevil “extreme kayakers” who paddled down the breathtaking 300ft spillway at one of Wales’ biggest reservoirs yesterday left Welsh Water officials less than thrilled.

He teaches kayakers to lean forward as they brave the rush of raging rapids. But he added it is a delicate balancing act because over-rotation can cause the kayaker to fall out of the craft and into the churning water.