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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Lightning Strike

Everyone love to see natural occurances like lightning which are relatively rare, especially in an instance like that when you get such a good shot of it.

This lighting captured this on 23rd march 2007, Location: Oklahoma City. That was some extraordinary luck.

Charles Dog Has A Licking Problem

The licking is not a serious medical problem. Charles is under regular veterinary care, and was not harmed during the making of the video. He is just a weird dog.

The video along with a song about this licking called "Charles Has A Licking Problem." The lyrics are pretty easy, maybe you will want to sing along to the song.

Otters holding hands

Vancouver Aquarium: two sea otters float around, napping, holding hands.The whole thing is adorable. It will make you smile at the end when they started to hold hands again.