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David Blaine Spoof

Tornado in Texas

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Hill Climb-U Turn

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Friday, April 27, 2007

David Blaine Spoof

David Blaine, The hero of this pretty funny video. Some dude spoofs David Blaine and does a pretty decent job. The funny guys makes the video more funny. I think its great how he looks at the camera after everything.

Girl With Amazing Unicycle Skills

'Unicycle' the word what a tough task it is to ride. But this girl makes it so easily that it is one finger task. yes, this is comes after some real hardworking. Only a teenage girl would be able to be this good at riding a unicycle.

Electrical Explosion During Interview

An Electrical explosion/short circuit is always dangerous with probability of killing life. Though here it is not cause such harmful, it seems explode rigorously.

An ice-covered tree limb falling onto a power line. Captured live by WHO TV Channel 13 out of Des Moines, Iowa, on February 25, 2007. The limb fell directly onto the line, causing a series of explosions of the transformers of the grid.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hill Climb(U-turn)

Can you think, driving a car through hill! and when it is like high risk u-turn!!! Yes, this is the worlds most dangerous U-Turn where guys are driving their car like a doll.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Laser Gun

It's a common a laser gun, but you can see it from your close eyes.
Just watch it.

Shooting Video of Virginia Tech School

What a tragedy. Just when you think you're safe, a madman goes crazy, and takes innocent lives in the process.

Video captured from a cell phone camera, shows police firing at an unknown gunman on the campus of Virginia Tech.

The video was taken by Jamal Albarghouti with his cell phone and posted to CNN i-Report.

Pray for those who lost there family and friends as well as those who are still injured and to have a safe and speedy recovery!

Bionic Middle Finger

LOL SO FUNNY....Are you gonna make some more episodes of finger?

................... .. ... /´ /)
.................... ..,../¯ ..//
.................... ..../... ./ /
.................... ..,/¯ ..//
.................... ./... ./ /
............./´¯/' ...'/´¯`•¸
........../'/.../... ./... ..../¨¯\
........('(...´(... ....... ,~/'...')
.........\.......... ..... ..\/..../
..........''...\.... ..... . _.•´
............\....... ..... ..(
..............\..... ..... ...\

Monday, April 9, 2007

Headless Magic

Magic! Magic of Headless!!! Yes, this is in 'Japanese Magic Competition'. How did she do that ? Indeed she deserves the gold medal. Awesome :)


This is funny when you don't confirm What happens. That gave me a real laugh. Except the end was so so. I Loved It!!!

The American Dream

I m so very impressed with your take on the fading American Dream. I remain intoxicated. Instant celebrity is killing the beauty of the American Dream.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Watergun Assassination


Some dude welched on a bet to one of his buddies and ended up getting shot during a class lecture with three super soakers, one of them is huge, willing to get. That was hilarious.

Women Trying to Parallel Park

In park there are already car is parked and the women trying to pull out of a parking spot. Its easy when you've got enough room, I've been doing it forever, but there's simply not enough room for her car, period. She attempts to parallel park for like four minutes, what a moron!

The New Guy Prank

Very clever prank started a job newly and considered as a new guy. It always sucks to be the new guy but this is a brutal way to start a new job.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Four Wheeler Face Plant

After landing a small jump this kid starts to flip over his handlebars. As he tries to catch himself he accidentally slams the gas pedal and ends up speeding into a wall.

Pelican Eats A Duck

This is crazy. Its a nice Saturday morning. All the birds are hanging out by the lake. Then all of a sudden a pelican gets hungry for breakfast and decides to eat one of the frigging ducks. Total buzz kill on an otherwise beautiful morning for the little fella.

Low Flying Helicopter Hits Car

Helicopter crashed with car! A low flying helicopter clips the window of a car and ends up getting pulled to the ground over the weekend in South Africa.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Lightning Strike

Everyone love to see natural occurances like lightning which are relatively rare, especially in an instance like that when you get such a good shot of it.

This lighting captured this on 23rd march 2007, Location: Oklahoma City. That was some extraordinary luck.

Charles Dog Has A Licking Problem

The licking is not a serious medical problem. Charles is under regular veterinary care, and was not harmed during the making of the video. He is just a weird dog.

The video along with a song about this licking called "Charles Has A Licking Problem." The lyrics are pretty easy, maybe you will want to sing along to the song.

Otters holding hands

Vancouver Aquarium: two sea otters float around, napping, holding hands.The whole thing is adorable. It will make you smile at the end when they started to hold hands again.