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Monday, April 28, 2008

SocialSpark to Gear up Your Blogging

SocialSpark, An Izea innovation is dedicated to serve bloggers to momentize their blogs, build community and drive traffic which are the main aspects of a blogger to run a blog.

To momentize a blog socialspark is making a relationship between the bloggers and the advertisers where advertises are making opportunities and bloggers write on that after qualified for that opportunity by a certain amount of money. So this will increase blogging skill as well as gives some support.

SocialSpark is building community by their members who are registered. As all registered user and their blogs are publicly viewable so user can add others as a friend send messages to share their thoughts.

And finally it is providing traffic to the blogs as all registered blogs are linked from here. When some one post for an opportunity which is also viewable from the opportunity description which can generate some traffics. Users can view their blog analytics overview or compare with others blog from here with Izea Real Rank, Alexa Rank, page views and visitors which in total give actual ranking for a blog.

SocialSpark's code of ethics will certainly encourage someone to go with them and the ethics are as follows:

  • 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure, Each sponsored post opportunity within the SocialSpark marketplace provides the blogger a small snippet of code for a Disclosure Badge so that readers trust.

  • 100% Transparency, Every participant in SocialSpark is made viewable to the public.

  • 100% Real Opinions, It's up to you to pick the Opportunities that best suit you and your blog.

  • 100% Search Engine Friendly, Each sponsored link in SocialSpark automatically carries the "no-follow" attribute so as not to affect search engine rankings.

Sponsored by SocialSpark