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Friday, January 25, 2008

Larson Electronics MegnaLight

Magnalight by Larson Electronics manufactures and sells various categories of lights like vehicle mounted spotlights, handheld spotlights with magnetic base, HID spotlights, high intensity discharge flashlights, 12 volt spotlights, 24 volt spotlights, military spotlights, military searchlights, military flashlights, HID off road lights and many more with different colors.

Larson Electronics was established in 1967. Ernie Larson started Larson Electronics to provide power supplies to the cable industry. Eventually, Larson Electronics entered the safety arena, providing tools and lighting products for the cable, telephone and utility industries and now expanded to include the military and various local, state and federal government entities as well.

hid off lights This hid off-road lights is specially for off road and auxiliary lighting purposes. Acro Lights HID offroad lights are nearly half the weight of a comparable Hella HID light. This Lights also have internal ballasts so there is no need to find and mount a separate ballast component. You can use it for off-road racing and it is now upgraded and adapted for military applications. Custom mounting applications are also available.

Their Boat Lights, Military spotlights, flashlights, magnetic base spotlights for military, remote controlled spotlights and many more are really for your special purposes. The Golight Stryker simplifies that mounting process. At the base of the Golight, one removes the locking screw and the interlocking base plate slides out from under the light.

They are supporting most reliable UPS shipping for your products. They do ship spotlights and flashlights via US Postal, UPS and Fedex overseas for international shipping. They use US Postal Global Express Mail service for Europe, Australia and Canada. US Postal will insure and track the package to the local post office, but no further. You can get FREE ground ship on $300+ orders, this is certainly special.

Larson Electronics warranties the Magnalight HML, MUL and ML series of magnetic spotlights for life, excluding the lamps. They are giving 3 year warranty for Golight Radioray series of spotlights. The Golight Stryker series of spotlights carry a 5 year warranty. They also happily take returns. The customer pays the shipping costs associated with returning an item for non-technical reasons.

So you are honorably invited to visit MegnaLight for various categorized light products which will certainly meet your requirements and thus you can buy online.

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